So here I am in my hideout. Here is where I can confess that I like dodgy t.v. like Revenge and Castle. And I love Arnotts Gingernut biscuits and dunk them in my tea. I like taking a soft toy with me when I go on holidays or retreats and then taking pictures of it. I’m 48 years old and still feel like I’m 20.  I like staying up late even when I’m tired. I like being alone and pottering around the house. Sometimes I turn the radio up loud and dance around the kitchen. I believe in true love and madly love my husband – or is that I’m mad to love my husband? I have an odd sense of humour and don’t take much too seriously. Although sometimes my sense of humour malfunctions and it needs a tweak. And every post needs a picture – Image


I’m not quite sure how this happened. I only wanted to like a post on someone else’s blog. WordPress said I had to register – and here I am. Now I have to think about if I want to have another blog. And how to operate this one. Who has time for all this stuff! I really should be getting ready for bed instead of typing away, talking to no one. So let’s see what happens next.