Just a little catch up on some mostly sewing activities.

For Christmas 2017: A Death Star cushion made with a pattern from quirky granola girl.

Death Star Cushion Dec 2017

And my church quilt group has started a pattern called Safari from Shiny Happy World.

Auditioning fabrics and then the QAYG Zebra block.

Our wedding anniversary was in March and we ended up at Rottnest. Here I am enjoying the sun and drying out after a swim.

Shari at Rottnest March 2018

And of course, a few chicken photos, just because.

On the left are Henley, Honey and Gretchen – totally not to be distracted from whatever good thing they are scratching at. And then H and Gretchen, who is not impressed.

I’m still working full time but trying to fit in a bit of sewing when I have the mental capacity.