So it’s been like two years since I last wrote on this blog. And the quintessential phrase of ‘Where does the time go?’ springs to mind. When I think back over the family events of the last two years I see the rhythm and routine of the days have not really changed. My hopes for more organisation and self-discipline to complete personal goals have not really been realised. I’ve read self-help books and made lists but I think I’ve come to the understanding that I cannot re-invent myself with my own strength and insight.  I have tried to rely on me only when I needed to be relying on God only.

I retired from the volunteer work with the quilting guild and am now working full time. I’m often too tired to do more than the basics at the end of the day. But I do have time that seems to be ‘wasted’ in front of the t.v. or reading a book that I would like to use more efficiently. I’m gaining a better understanding of the need for this passive stress release – part of which is a habit learned from this electronic age of instant, shallow stimulation.  I want to be free of it and I believe the God who saved my very soul can deliver me from this.

So through prayer and supplication I believe God will guide my thoughts and turn my heart to Him for the relief I seek when I’m exhausted in mind and body. The Bible is full of many such promises. I need to remember they are meant for me.

Isaiah 40-31(1)