The winter solstice is my favourite day of the year. After this the days will ‘get longer’. That surely means more time for quilting, right?

Sadly, we cannot actually get more time in our day, but what we can do is better manage the time we do have. Not a new concept by any means.

So it’s time for a resolution to better manage my time. Easy to say, not so easy to put in to practice.

I am totally a creature of habit. I go through my days in a routine that’s hard to break. When I do manage to dedicate a set amount of time to sewing, I get distracted like a kid in a candy shop. Sometimes I only manage to tidy to get ready to sew, but by the next time stuff has been added again and I have to tidy again. But I do have projects to finish and other projects to start all fighting for attention in my poor addled brain.


1. Prioritize my responsibilities, which include (not necessarily in order)

  • Personal Care (i.e. getting up, showered and dressed every day – always a good start)
  • The Day Job – Show up on time and do it well
  • Housework – keep up with the essentials and don’t let the other go too long
  • Food Shopping – always seem to need milk and bananas

2. Then there’s the other stuff – 

  • Family Time – goes without saying
  • Household Paperwork – correspondence, bills, email etc.
  • Volunteer Work – church, the quilters’ guild

3. And ‘Me’ stuff – 

  • Quilting
  • Blogging
  • Health & Fitness (including sleep)
  • Social activities outside the home

I know a lot of people manage all this with no drama – they seem to be dynamos with lots of energy and clear thinking. That’s not me at the moment. I’m feeling old and tired. Ahh, you say, it’s the shortest day of the year – you have the winter blues. Possibly, but not likely. I think life is just life and we have these periods of time where many demands are made of us. Writing all this down has helped. I will go away and ponder and perhaps glean a few truths about myself to see what’s holding me back.Image