Albany Quilt Show


WA Inspired Art Quilters, a sewing group of WAQA, are exhibiting their new set of art quilts in the Museum of the Great Southern, Residency Rd, Albany from July 8 – July 29. The quilts feature wetland scenes. Artist statements link the scenes to traditional Noongar culture.

If you live in or near Albany, or will be visiting Albany in July, do go and view the exhibition.

Floor talks are available July 10 to July 13 – contact before July 8.

You are also most warmly invited to the opening at 2pm on July 9.

Just a little catch up on some mostly sewing activities.

For Christmas 2017: A Death Star cushion made with a pattern from quirky granola girl.

Death Star Cushion Dec 2017

And my church quilt group has started a pattern called Safari from Shiny Happy World.

Auditioning fabrics and then the QAYG Zebra block.

Our wedding anniversary was in March and we ended up at Rottnest. Here I am enjoying the sun and drying out after a swim.

Shari at Rottnest March 2018

And of course, a few chicken photos, just because.

On the left are Henley, Honey and Gretchen – totally not to be distracted from whatever good thing they are scratching at. And then H and Gretchen, who is not impressed.

I’m still working full time but trying to fit in a bit of sewing when I have the mental capacity.

The 2017 Christmas season is upon us. Today is Christmas Tree day for me. I like to get my tree organised late November, early December, depending on where my day off falls. (I work a 10 day fortnight, but it is scheduled as a Mon-Sat, Mon-Thurs. This works well with the other lady I job-share with.)

This is the first year my husband and I are home alone. My youngest daughter moved out earlier this year and while she and her sisters will be visiting off and on over the holiday season, for now it is just us. It certainly is quiet around here but dare I say I am enjoying it! I feel content.

My Christmas Wish for family and friends is to find peace and contentment.

Christ is the meaning of Christmas. Keep that in your heart above all else.

“Let the peace of God rule in your hearts since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts. And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Colossians 3:15-17



I finished this baby quilt just over 12 months ago. It was a gift for my oldest daughter’s best friend. The fabrics are mostly from Spotlight and it measures approximately 46 inches square. Not much sewing going on in the meantime – the day job has required a full-time commitment.

So it’s been like two years since I last wrote on this blog. And the quintessential phrase of ‘Where does the time go?’ springs to mind. When I think back over the family events of the last two years I see the rhythm and routine of the days have not really changed. My hopes for more organisation and self-discipline to complete personal goals have not really been realised. I’ve read self-help books and made lists but I think I’ve come to the understanding that I cannot re-invent myself with my own strength and insight.  I have tried to rely on me only when I needed to be relying on God only.

I retired from the volunteer work with the quilting guild and am now working full time. I’m often too tired to do more than the basics at the end of the day. But I do have time that seems to be ‘wasted’ in front of the t.v. or reading a book that I would like to use more efficiently. I’m gaining a better understanding of the need for this passive stress release – part of which is a habit learned from this electronic age of instant, shallow stimulation.  I want to be free of it and I believe the God who saved my very soul can deliver me from this.

So through prayer and supplication I believe God will guide my thoughts and turn my heart to Him for the relief I seek when I’m exhausted in mind and body. The Bible is full of many such promises. I need to remember they are meant for me.

Isaiah 40-31(1)

Perth has finally had a decent rain. Not sure how much in official terms, but enough to properly wet the ground. Hopefully this is the start of a pattern, but I am reluctant to hope for it. We have a lot of work to be done in our front garden and have been waiting for winter when the rain softens the ground, which is heavy clay. We have dead grass to pull up to make a garden bed, brick paving to go in and a lemon tree to go in. Max heard about The Lemon Tree Project on a radio gardening show. We like the idea and so are reading up on planting and caring for a citrus tree. As it happens we have access to a small tree that needs to come out as it’s been planted in an inappropriate space, so are planning to shift that one.


Speaking of lemon trees, one of my favourite songs when I was growing up was “Lemon Tree” by Peter, Paul & Mary.



Hello little wordpress blog. I haven’t forgotten you. No pictures to share at the moment – probably because there is not much happening sewing-wise. Getting the house ready for the DD #3’s 21st birthday in about ten days’ time is the next task. Babies one day, beautiful young women the next.?????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ??????


The winter solstice is my favourite day of the year. After this the days will ‘get longer’. That surely means more time for quilting, right?

Sadly, we cannot actually get more time in our day, but what we can do is better manage the time we do have. Not a new concept by any means.

So it’s time for a resolution to better manage my time. Easy to say, not so easy to put in to practice.

I am totally a creature of habit. I go through my days in a routine that’s hard to break. When I do manage to dedicate a set amount of time to sewing, I get distracted like a kid in a candy shop. Sometimes I only manage to tidy to get ready to sew, but by the next time stuff has been added again and I have to tidy again. But I do have projects to finish and other projects to start all fighting for attention in my poor addled brain.


1. Prioritize my responsibilities, which include (not necessarily in order)

  • Personal Care (i.e. getting up, showered and dressed every day – always a good start)
  • The Day Job – Show up on time and do it well
  • Housework – keep up with the essentials and don’t let the other go too long
  • Food Shopping – always seem to need milk and bananas

2. Then there’s the other stuff – 

  • Family Time – goes without saying
  • Household Paperwork – correspondence, bills, email etc.
  • Volunteer Work – church, the quilters’ guild

3. And ‘Me’ stuff – 

  • Quilting
  • Blogging
  • Health & Fitness (including sleep)
  • Social activities outside the home

I know a lot of people manage all this with no drama – they seem to be dynamos with lots of energy and clear thinking. That’s not me at the moment. I’m feeling old and tired. Ahh, you say, it’s the shortest day of the year – you have the winter blues. Possibly, but not likely. I think life is just life and we have these periods of time where many demands are made of us. Writing all this down has helped. I will go away and ponder and perhaps glean a few truths about myself to see what’s holding me back.Image


Instead of typing minutes from a recent meeting, I’ve been enjoying the awesome entries in Amy’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival. At the moment there are over 400 entries. Grab a cuppa and head on over – you’ll be glad you did.

I should be doing some typing for work, but I don’t feel like trying to decipher doctor’s handwriting when all I want to do is chill out with a cup of tea. Fortunately they are not urgent so will wait till another time this weekend. I should be posting on my main blog and will probably get to that eventually this weekend too.

Now to find a picture.

Ummm, not sure I can remember how to upload one. Be back in a sec’.

Ok. Figured that out.

This is our lovely family in May last year (2011) on our Mother’s Day outing to the theatre in Subiaco.